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Contact: for further information or call us at 1-702-610-9748.

Here is a rough outline of services we provide but are not limited to:

Flat patterns of sheet metal parts, plastic parts, foam parts, wire, tubing, fabric, pool liners, you name it, we do it.

- Inputs: 3D model geometry. Outputs to 2D in any cad format.

Wire harness formboard layouts. inputs 3D wire harness models. Outputs to 2D formboard layouts.

- Formboard layouts are built full size in cad, in 2D, fit to roll stock width, so you can build your harnesses right on top of our layouts.

- We provide all embedded information on your layout which may include connector callouts, keying, key orientations, wire lengths, strip lengths, part numbers, part specifications and pretty much whatever else you want, that is in the data. We can also color code everything. Color or black and white outputs. Shaded or wireframe output, as you prefer.

CAD conversion and data translation services

- We convert all cad formats to, or from, whatever you need. If there is a process, we have it.

- 2D drafting services in Unigraphics NX and Catia V5-6, all versions. Exports to most any neutral format.

- 3D model geometry to 3D pdf. Send us step, iges, stl, etc and we will convert to 3D pdf that your customers can pan, zoom, rotate and measure (roughly). Excellent quality and low cost. No CAD needed, just the ability to open pdf files. Works with your basic Adobe Reader free stuff as well.

Aerospace supplier services

- Class "A" surfacing in Catia and NX.

- Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Airbus, Cessna data exchanges.

- PMI 3D annotation extraction to most any format.

Automotive supplier services

- We make drawings sets for submission to GM, Ford, Chrysler and many others. We have their formats, standards and native CAD packages.

- GM CAD data exchange from NX to any cad format.

 - NX and Catia data exchange for Chrysler.

- 3D model geometry to 3D pdf and 2D drawings to 2D pdf. You can fully review the data with these great tools. Know what you are submitting.

Free quotations.

Payment methods: check, credit card, EFT, PayPal.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted

Contact: for further information or call us at 1-702-610-9748

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